GARETH Ainsworth said the goals Wanderers conceded in losing to Southend were avoidable, adding some of his defenders "weren't on their game".

The Blues boss was unhappy with the manner his side threw away a lead given to them by Dean Morgan to lose a third match in succession.

Wanderers had climbed into the top of the table after a superb winning run but Ainsworth felt that upturn in form could have been on the players' minds as they lost focus against the Shrimpers.

He said:  "I wasn't happy with the second half and I told the lads that. I was very happy with the first half. I thought we played well, opened them up and played the way we play. Second half we did a couple of things wrong.

"They were really poor goals we conceded. We told them about the corner and to adjust their positions. The second goal was avoidable as well.

"I had to let them know how I felt. There were a couple of players defensively who weren't on their game. Offensively I thought we did well and got forward well and created chances. Backwards, you've got to add that to your game as well.

"There's a couple who were caught up in the razzmatazz of the run we've been on. [They're thinking] Everything's rosey and we are scoring a lot of goals. You've got to do the other side too - that's very important.

"Today is a lesson we'll have to learn and I'll be teaching them that lesson."

The game turned on Southend's equalising goal early in the second half, with Wanderers having dictated the game up until that point.

Ainsworth said: "I didn't think they carved us open or played really well to break us down, and that's more frustrating than anything because we let them in. I thought we gifted them those chances.

"They had one chance where Jordan made a save with his feet. I can't remember them creating much.

"We let them in and we gave them that bit of energy. We could have won that game 1-0 quite easily, but there's things I need to look at now and make sure they don't happen again.

"We created some chances, more than we have done in recent weeks. We had some great chances - they had a couple of blocks I don't think they were aware of, one hit the guy in the face and that was heading for the top corner.

"I'm pleased we're creating chances, it's sticking them away now."

The Blues boss hinted he may reshuffle his pack for Tuesday's trip to Torquay as he bids to end Wanderers' losing run.

Ainsworth said: "It's a third defeat in a row so I've got to have a look at something.

"Maybe people who have been looking for an opportunity will get an opportunity to show what they can do."