STEVEN Craig said Wanderers are a club in turmoil after the players were late receiving bonus payments this week.

Blues had just pulled off their best result for a number of weeks with a goalless draw at title-chasing Scunthorpe on Saturday when the players were informed they wouldn't receive their expected bonuses on time.

Chairman Don Woodward said it was an "absolute one-off" and a short-term shortfall caused by confusion over the club's off-field future was to blame for the lateness.

But striker Craig said: "The club's in a bit of turmoil just now. It's a hard time for us. We are down the bottom of the league and unsure if we're going to get wages on time. It's hard but the boys are really galvanised together.

"We're guaranteed our wages on Monday, it's other things like our bonus money.

"The club's struggling for whatever reason but that's out of our control. All that Gaz [manager Gareth Ainsworth], Dobbo [assistant Richard Dobson], Baz [coach Barry Richardson] and myself can do is keep putting in performances like that."

When asked if talk of a possible takeover had proved a distraction to the players, the 32-year-old said: "Not really, but it's not nice to hear. You take it on, there's nothing we can do. The main thing is our wages will be paid on time.

"Gaz, Dobbo and Baz are doing everything they can for the playing staff to help us. It's unfortunate the club's in that position just now, but all we can do is galvanise ourselves and look for the chance to start picking up points."

Woodward said the bonus money should be paid to the players this week and said cash raised through a takeover and share issue was going to the Trust instead of the club, leaving Wanderers with an unexpected shortfall.

Three parties have expressed an interest in buying a 75 per cent controlling stake in the club, while the Wanderers Trust have also asked fans to donate to a fundraising share issue.

Woodward said: "We should have had a lot more cash in, either from the buyer or the share issue. One of the buyers said they were paying in, but the money didn't arrive.

"Money is coming in but it was in the wrong place - it was going to the Trust, rather than the club.

"Either the buy-out is happening or the share issue is happening - then we will have plenty of cash."

He added: "It's absolutely a one-off. We need our team to be happy so it's absolutely right we'll get it sorted. There isn't a long term issue, it was a short term issue which will be resolved."