THE Bonwick family of Bytomic Tae Kwon Do club in Bisham have a fourth very good reason to be proud this week.

Eleven-year-old Florence has just been awarded her black belt, becoming the fourth and youngest sibling to earn it after Adam, India and Charlie.

Eight-year-old Billy is a blue belt and could be next in line, while three-year-old Harvey will also join the club once he is old enough.

Instructor Paul Holmes said: “All children follow the same syllabus as adults in our clubs, so the black belt they achieve is the same as anyone else’s in the world – not watered down or made any easier.

“It’s amazing enough that any child has the tenacity and perseverance to get to black belt, let alone a whole family.”

Most martial arts classes take children from the age of five and on average it takes around 4-5 years to get to a Black Belt.