HEIGHT and pace are the attributes Gareth Ainsworth wants from the players he intends to bring in - as well as ones who aren't out to make a quick buck.

The Blues boss admitted the squad of players who narrowly avoided the drop last season struggled with the hurly burly nature of the Football League's bottom tier.

Already he's looked to rectify that, with all three of his new signings adding height to the team.

But Ainsworth said they also have to be adaptable to changes in formation he's planning to implement throughout the forthcoming season.

He said: "I can't just bring in loads of players and expect them to adapt to one way. Myself and the staff will have a certain way we want to go. We have a couple of formations we like and the players will fit into the formations, rather than the formations go round the players.

"The modern day player can play anywhere and it's about the culture and teaching them the right way to play.

"Height was a big issue - physically, you've got to win your battles in League Two, so it's a big thing for me. Sido adds height, and we struggled with height a couple of times last season.

"I've always liked pace, people know that. Pacy players are always good for me."

Ainsworth also wants the right characters in the team who will be prepared to work hard despite not being paid as much as players plying their trade elsewhere in League Two.

He said: "Money talks a lot in football. Hopefully we can get them in with our intentions and the way we want to do things here. People won't always chase that extra £100 or £200 a week - they'll come to Wycombe because they can see something building and seeing a good season ahead.