'BE patient' is the message from Wanderers manager Gareth Ainsworth as he gets to work on reshaping his squad for next season.

He's been a busy man since the end of the last season and has promised there will be more new signings to follow.

But he added: "If there are periods of not signing players for a while I don't want people to start worrying we are not doing anything. We've got until August 31 to get players. If it's right, we'll do it - if it's not right we'll wait for the right ones to come around.

"Patience is the key. There's a lot of players out of work and there will be a lot of games played by a lot of managers.

"There's a big turnaround of players this season with the contracts up and not finishing too well in the league. I thought a change is the best way and I'm more than happy with the names we've got in so far."