Last Saturday saw the first Year 7 rugby matches of the season. Of the 120 boys regularly attending training on Saturday mornings, four squads were selected, made up of 24 boys each. 

Each squad was named after an RGS old boy, who played at Elite level: Wade, Dawson, Rees and Duncombe.

The 12-a-side version of the game, saw a complete change of team personnel at half-time, giving the chance to play to another 12 boys per squad. 

The format of these games and the large squad numbers allowed Mr Huelin and his coaching staff to start making informed decisions on future squads. 

Dan Pettifer, head of sport commented: “After only five sessions with such large numbers of boys, our aim is to ensure all players feel inspired and connected to the game. 

“We have record numbers in our junior section and we want to ensure that all boys who play enjoy the benefits of, being physically active, the values of the sport, its culture and the community it offers.”