FIRES might be wreaking havoc in New South Wales this week but one rower from Bucks should be able to stand the heat.

Ed Bosson of Seer Green has already proven himself an unflappable presence in the boat as he coxed Cambridge to glory in the Boat Race despite a protester swimming in front of the boats.

Now he is aiming to show that same assurance for Great Britain in the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.

The Youth Olympics is seen as a stepping stone to the main event and Great Britain are sending a 120-strong team to compete against 1,700 athletes from 30 countries in 17 sports.

Bosson, right, said: “I am really looking forward to going out there particularly because it is summer in Australia which will make a change from the weather here.

“To be able to go is fantastic and it has been a bit tricky because I have had to take a step back with university training with Cambridge and that was a tough decision to make but this is a really good opportunity so I am glad I am doing it.

“I have been to two Junior World Championships and a meet in Munich, so I am really looking forward to putting on that vest again,” he added.

“You are really nervous particularly in the finals but the experience of having been in them helps you with the next.

“In the first year I did it we were doing really well but we stagnated a little bit and we didn’t medal but the second time we learned from it and executed our race better to get a silver in 2011 at Eton Dorney.

“I am just going to be coxing in the eights and the aim is to win but because we have got other boat classes being entered by the same guys who are doubling up, so it means there is less time to train.

“It will be quite challenging and I have not coxed all of them before but I know a few of them and hopefully it will still be successful.”

However, after the chaos of last year’s boat race, when Trenton Oldfield swam into the Thames and Oxford were later disqualified, Bosson is hoping for something more predictable this time around.

The 19-year-old said: “I was the cox in the boat race for Cambridge against Oxford, which was an interesting race to say the least. So as long as nothing like that happens and it all goes smoothly, that is what I am hoping for.

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