Ashes from a discarded barbecue caused a fire outside a home in Stokenchurch this morning, with firefighters now issuing a warning to south Bucks residents.

Fire crews were called out to a home in The Haven at about 8.05am today, after hot embers from a barbecue started a blaze in a skip.

One fire engine from High Wycombe raced to the scene, with emergency crews using a hose reel to extinguish the flames.

A series of other outdoor fires sparked 999 calls over the weekend, with firefighters now issuing a warning to people planning a barbecue while the sun is still shining.

Richard Priest, head of Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service's community safety team, said: “It's natural to want to make the most of the good weather by going outdoors for a barbecue with family and friends.

"However, there are a few things it's worth remembering to make sure you don't end up having to ring 999.

“By following some simple rules, you can ensure your barbecue is a safe and enjoyable event. It's mainly just a matter of common sense.”

Tips on how to avoid causing a fire, or suffering burns, include not using flammable liquids to light the barbecue, not drinking too much alcohol when in control of the cooking and to make sure the barbecue is kept away from sheds, fences and trees.

Bucks Fire and Rescue has also given a number of other safety tips, including what you should do if you own a gas barbecue.

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