The town council has given its blessing to fresh redevelopment plans on a popular Marlow shopping street.

In July last year Wycombe District Council took the side of protestors and placed a protection order over four trees in Anglers Court on Spittal Street after Sorbon Estates announced plans to remove them and re landscape the area.

However a fresh set of plans proposing to replace the trees and alter the shop fronts have been produced, with the developer insisting it has taken on board criticism after the previous scheme was thrown out.

Marlow Town Council praised the developments at a meeting of the planning committee on Tuesday, despite proposals suggesting three trees would be replanted instead of four.

Cllr Richard Scott said: “It would really make the entrance to Marlow quite attractive. It would be more in keeping with the whole street scene.

“The purpose of a TPO is to retain the character of the area and to preserve the look of the town. It is okay to remove the trees and replace them with something else.”

The proposal forms part of the new £100,000 Spittal Street improvement programme - a raft of upgrades being planned alongside Wycombe District Council and Marlow Town Council.