Drivers disobeying the Highway Code

Bucks Free Press:

12:00pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

Following complaints about cars parking on the pavement in Dean Street, Marlow drivers should perhaps read the Highway Code.

Weather points to global warming

Bucks Free Press:

11:58am Tuesday 19th August 2014

Googling “hottest May and June” reveals that’s what this year has brought. Much the same goes for July, while August is shaping the same way.

Recent floods far less harsh than 1894

Bucks Free Press:

11:42am Tuesday 19th August 2014

Eric Alexander (Letters, August 1) implies that 97 per cent of scientists believe in man made climate change. He fails to tell us the source of his statistics, which I would suggest are totally incorrect.

Thank you to all who attended ceremony

Bucks Free Press:

11:40am Tuesday 19th August 2014

I would sincerely like to thank the residents of Booker area that attended the wreath laying ceremony for WWI commemoration that took place on Monday, August 4 at noon at Booker Memorial Hall. This coincided with a wreath laying ceremony that took place at every memorial within Wycombe district.

Foliage dangerously obscuring bus stop

Bucks Free Press:

11:38am Tuesday 19th August 2014

What do I have to do to get the foliage cut that is obscuring the bus stop sign on Holmer Green Road opposite Park Lane?

Parking fine for a ticket I paid for

Bucks Free Press:

11:37am Tuesday 19th August 2014

I would like to ask your readers whether they could get in touch with me if they have received a parking fine or if they noticed something strange about the parking ticket machines at the Rye lido. The date I’m particularly interested in is 30/05/14.

No need for yet another supermarket

Bucks Free Press:

11:34am Tuesday 19th August 2014

I cannot believe the idiocy of the ‘powers that be’ who have allowed another supermarket to be built and opened in Bourne End.

No budget to allow this to happen

Bucks Free Press:

11:30am Tuesday 19th August 2014

I would like the opportunity to respond to the recent story on page 2 of BFP ref ‘Junction 4a’ (August 8).

Children’s services should be a priority

Bucks Free Press:

11:28am Tuesday 19th August 2014

Re: Ofsted brands Bucks County Council’s children’s social care as ‘inadequate’: This report summarises many of the issues that have been raised by parents, social workers and myself for some time. It is hoped that the report will be a catalyst to change further support to vulnerable children and their parents in Buckinghamshire.

Mr Alexander is ignoring evidence

Bucks Free Press:

12:06pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

But it’s Eric Alexander who’s ignoring the astronomical evidence, while clearly unable to understand the thermodynamics of global warming. I don’t have the means of rectifying this defect. — Roderick Taylor, Bourne End

Belief in myths does not bode well

Bucks Free Press:

12:04pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

The tenet for Eric Alexander’s argument for man-made climate change (Letters, Aug 1) appears to be exactly the same as that used to delude Western Europe into belief in a Geocentric Universe. It took 1,800 years to dispel that myth, to wrest control from the charlatans and enter the Renaissance, the reason civilisation was able to progress technically to where it is today. Regression to belief in myths, so prevalent today, for the benefit of the current bunch of charlatans does not bode well for the future of humanity. — Mr P.D. Somerville, High Wycombe

Why do the traders have the last laugh?

Bucks Free Press:

12:02pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

It appears that I have hit a brick wall, although I do hope that by the time this letter goes to print that our best brains in Buckinghamshire are able to find a solution to the problem.

Why is busy Dean Street exempt?

Bucks Free Press:

12:00pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

Harriet Wilson’s letter regarding cars parked upon the Dean Street pavements (BFP, Aug 1) raises an interesting point.

£500,000 needed for essential work

Bucks Free Press:

11:56am Tuesday 12th August 2014

We are appealing for help to raise the £500,000 needed to complete the refurbishment of Helen House to bring it up to modern standards. Helen House provides hospice care to children with life shortening conditions, living in Buckinghamshire, between the ages of 0-16 years old and their families.

Takeover causes a democratic deficit

Bucks Free Press:

11:54am Tuesday 12th August 2014

The takeover of Heatherwood/Wexham Park by the Frimley Park NHS, just agreed, will result in the people of South Bucks being robbed of having a democratic role in the future of hospital services in their area for the best part of half a year.

One-day fundraiser was the best ever

Bucks Free Press:

11:33am Tuesday 5th August 2014

On July 25 we held a stall in Beaconsfield in aid of The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) and raised £323. TEARS helps rescue and rehabilitate animals in the Cape Peninsular.

Private sector doesn’t have same benefits

Bucks Free Press:

11:30am Tuesday 5th August 2014

While I sympathise I am also somewhat mystified. I do not work in the “public sector” and, like many in the working world, am employed in what is loosely called the “private sector”. And we do not have the benefit of that public sector shelter. We do not get help with pension contributions, or annual salary rises by right, we do not have regular hours or fixed retirement etc. If we want more money, we have to demonstrate increased productivity, work more hours, increase qualifications and so on.

An opportunity for nature conservation

Bucks Free Press:

11:28am Tuesday 5th August 2014

Bees and other vital pollinators, and insect life generally, are under greater pressure than ever, due to loss of habitat from agricultural intensification and urbanisation.

Departure of an honourable man

Bucks Free Press:

11:26am Tuesday 5th August 2014

So local Tory MP Dominic Grieve has departed from the Cabinet table. He is an honourable and decent man, whom I have voted for in the past.

Sadly I can’t ignore the evidence...

Bucks Free Press:

11:25am Tuesday 5th August 2014

It’s the sun that does it, says Roderick Taylor (Letters, July 11). And it’s driving us towards a new Ice Age.

It is an accident waiting to happen

Bucks Free Press:

11:23am Tuesday 5th August 2014

I have every sympathy with Mr and Mrs Grant regarding the parking of cars on the pavement at the junction of Dean Street and Queen’s Road (MFP, July 18). It is a spot with a nasty accident waiting to happen.

Much clearer road signage is needed

Bucks Free Press:

11:21am Tuesday 5th August 2014

Well done, Chris Burmajster, for his perceptive comments on the chaos which is the Handy Cross traffic system (Letters, July 25). I use the ‘roundabout’ on most days and can bear witness to the many near-misses and road-rage incidents which are commonplace. Last year, I was hit by a car driven by a woman who was new to the system and who was totally confused as to what lane she should be in.

Not cost-effective to increase collections

Bucks Free Press:

11:20am Tuesday 5th August 2014

Re: Collection should increase in summer, a letter from Andrew Moore, BFP July 25.

Thanks for generous store donations

Bucks Free Press:

4:25pm Monday 28th July 2014

A year’s worth of fundraising and awareness support from Sainsbury’s Farnham Road has made a huge difference to the staff and animals at Animal Sanctuary at Dorney Lake.

Our roadbuilders deserve a thumbs up

Bucks Free Press:

4:24pm Monday 28th July 2014

let’s raise a cheer for our roadbuilders.

Polluting, smelly buses unacceptable

Bucks Free Press:

4:23pm Monday 28th July 2014

Are the buses in High Wycombe the smelliest most polluting in the country?

Layout of lanes and markings is poor

Bucks Free Press:

4:21pm Monday 28th July 2014

So the Highways Agency claimed to have improved Handy Cross, but I have to ask – for whom? I think it’s worse than before.

Nothing but praise for treatment

Bucks Free Press:

4:20pm Monday 28th July 2014

I would like to thank all Paramedics and Hospital staff I came in contact with last Tuesday, July 15 when I was rushed to the Cardiac and Stroke Unit at High Wycombe Hospital with an extremely low heart rate.

Staff were very kind and caring

Bucks Free Press:

4:18pm Monday 28th July 2014

I have recently been a patient in Wycombe Hospital for a knee replacement. I would like to say what excellent care I received. The surgeon who did the operation, and the team of staff and helpers on Ward 12B were outstanding and all very kind and caring. The food was very good indeed, with a wide variety to choose from. The ward was light and airy. I would like to thank them, and to recommend the care I received at Wycombe. — Mary Spooner, Kiln Close, Prestwood

Collection should increase in summer

Bucks Free Press:

4:17pm Monday 28th July 2014

As you are all aware, in 2013 Chiltern District Council introduced Green Waste initiative that involves charging residents £35 a year for bi-weekly collections of green waste bins, with bag collection free.

MVAS is a vital educational tool

Bucks Free Press:

4:15pm Monday 28th July 2014

I am writing in response to Mr Blake’s letter printed [in BFP July 11] regarding the newsletter published by Chepping Wycombe Parish Council.

Armed Forces Day: Public regard for services has grown

Bucks Free Press: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3173190

1:10pm Tuesday 22nd July 2014

A fortnight ago we marked this country’s Armed Forces Day and, for us in Bucks, it’s very much the Royal Air Force that is part of the core of community life.

Waterside lakes: Loss should be seen as catalyst for change

Bucks Free Press:

11:00am Tuesday 22nd July 2014

AN opportunity of a lifetime to secure the future of the 17.5 acres of tranquil lakes at Waterside adjoining to Chesham Moor, for the town’s benefit forever has been lost by the sale to a private person.

Royal Navy: Do you have a story to share with us?

Bucks Free Press:

9:10am Tuesday 22nd July 2014

The readers miss nothing. I recently wrote explaining that an internet radio station would soon be running a programme broadcasting stories of those who served in the Royal Navy.

Where solar power may be lacking...

Bucks Free Press: Weekend weather: cloudy at first but warm on Sunday

8:00am Tuesday 22nd July 2014

I’m glad, for David Hampton’s sake (Letters, July 11), that he still has fossil fuelled and nuclear powered energy suppliers (‘my bills are low’) able to take over automatically during the three-quarters of the time when his solar panels are either dead at night or when there’s not enough sunshine to boil a kettle.

Potholes: Vital to concentrate on bus routes

Bucks Free Press: Worst roads in Bucks to be fixed

6:30pm Monday 21st July 2014

I write a plea to the powers that be to concentrate on mending the potholes and sunken road crossings on bus routes as a priority. My wife and I frequently travel on the 800 or 850 routes and note that for long stretches of the route the bus fully occupies the road width which ever journey it makes.

Potholes: How much money has been wasted?

Bucks Free Press: The potholes before the markings were painted around them.

5:00pm Monday 21st July 2014

Bucks County Council keep telling us they don’t have enough money to fix our roads.

Potholes: Filling holes is only semi-permanent

Bucks Free Press: Pot holes are a source of much anger with motorists

4:10pm Monday 21st July 2014

“Fill them and hope for the best” may mean only three to 36 months before needing further work? The comprehensive 85-page USA manual on repairs to asphalt surfaces suggest these times, all repairs being at best only semi-permanent.

School plans: why weren't we consulted before?

Bucks Free Press:

3:46pm Monday 21st July 2014

Whatever happened to common courtesy and good manners?

Pair’s decision was highly responsible

Bucks Free Press:

4:33pm Monday 14th July 2014

According to your news item on page 9, BFP, June 27 (‘Their decision is irresponsible’), Alan Walters asserted that the decision of Independent councillors Geoff Grover and Graham Davie to resign was ‘irresponsible’.

Actions are waste of effort and money

Bucks Free Press:

4:32pm Monday 14th July 2014

I’m going to make some politically incorrect statements, but since, to the best of my knowledge, they are true, I don’t much care about putting political noses out of joint.

Machinery causing a massive disturbance

Bucks Free Press:

4:26pm Monday 14th July 2014

I am writing to you about the state of Gilletts Lane, during the resurfacing of the West Wycombe Road.

Final service for RAF St Eval

Bucks Free Press:

4:21pm Monday 14th July 2014

It is with regret that I have to report the closing down of RAF St Eval Coastal Command Association.

Obstruction is a road safety concern

Bucks Free Press:

4:20pm Monday 14th July 2014

Further to your readers comments about untidy verges and trees causing visual obstruction.

Invest hopes in ‘renewable’ energy

Bucks Free Press:

4:19pm Monday 14th July 2014

I can truly sympathise with the frustration of people like ‘ex nuclear power pioneer’ Roderick Taylor: that the world just ain’t like it used to be (Letters, June 27).

Sir Patrick Moore agreed ‘it’s the sun’

Bucks Free Press:

4:18pm Monday 14th July 2014

In brief reply to Eric Alexander (Letters, July 4), physical fact isn’t established by popular opinion. I bet none of the dignitaries he quotes has ever devised a rational thermodynamic model of the earth’s heating by the sun, let alone attempt to use it with empirically-backed data to calculate the greenhouse effects of carbon dioxide and water vapour in the atmosphere, as I have done.

HS2 won’t compare to TGV journey

Bucks Free Press:

4:16pm Monday 14th July 2014

I recently travelled by TGV for some 300 miles from South East France to Paris. I enjoyed long views over farmland in gently undulating countryside, with scarcely a village or town in sight, mainly the occasional farmhouse in a sparsely populated landscape, where there was insignificant traffic to be inconvenienced by the line. (The experience was similar travelling across the Po Valley from Milan.) How different from the circumstances in which HS2 would have to operate! — Christopher Swain, Henham, Essex

No qualms about quality of care

Bucks Free Press:

4:15pm Monday 14th July 2014

Criticism of the NHS seems to be ongoing and I am sure there are cases where these criticisms are justified. My wife, however, was recently in the Intensive Care Ward at Wycombe Hospital with a progressive condition which turned out to be terminal. The care she received there was nothing other than kind, caring, thorough and patient.

Motorcyclists can be camouflaged

Bucks Free Press:

4:14pm Monday 14th July 2014

MAY I warn other road users of a potentially very dangerous situation I have come across.

Have you seen the rare white squirrel?

Bucks Free Press:

10:27am Tuesday 8th July 2014

Have any of your other readers seen the very rare pure white squirrel in the Loudwater or High Wycombe area? This little creature turned up last Monday in the gardens of the London Road/ Kingsmead Park area.

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