A new initiative has been launched for the people of Marlow to help them relieve stress as we continue to battle the coronavirus.

Organised by Marlow Town Council, Marlovians have now got the opportunity to write a short story about their experiences since entering lockdown.

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The competition, which has been split into two sections, will be judged by Marlow’s mayor Richard Scott and the town clerk, Hilary Martin.

The winning entries in each category will be included in this summer edition of the Marlovian.

But please note that the winning stories will only be published in the online version of the magazine.  

The two categories of the competition are as follows:

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Ages eight to 15 category

Write around 250 words about how you are finding home learning or how you are coping with the change to your life during lockdown.

Or you can choose to write a funny story, a fantasy story — or perhaps what you will be looking forward to doing most when life returns to normality.

Please provide a photograph of the author or another image relevant to the story.

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Ages 16 or over category

This will be a fictional or non-fictional story of around 450 words.

It can be about how you are coping with a different way of life at the moment, or something that takes our readers out of the lockdown into another less stressful world.

Please provide a photograph of the author.

Once your story has been written, email your submission to office@marlow-tc.gov.uk by Tuesday, May 5, when all entries will be read and the best from each category will be chosen as the winners.

The winning stories can be viewed in the summer edition of the Marlovian, which will be available to read on the Marlow Town Council website (www.marlow-tc.gov.uk) after June 8.

The winners will be informed by email if their story is chosen to be published.

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Additionally, the winning participants will also receive a book donated by local author, Susanna Beard.

Susanna who lives and works in the town, has written two psychological thrillers: ‘The Truth Waits’ and ‘Dare to Remember, which were both published by Legend Press.

For more details about Susanna’s books, visit www.susannabeard.com.