Marlow’s litter and fly-tipping issues continue to cause problems within the town as more than 20 bin bags were seen at the side of a single-track road.

A photo taken by Anna Morant on Thursday, June 18 showed the rubbish which was left half-way up Winchbottom Lane.

She posted the image in the Facebook group Marlow Life and said: “What is wrong with people?! Halfway up Winchbottom Lane.

“I have reported it.”

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This comes just two days after Marlow Town Council urged those who live in the town to stop littering, following an increase of rubbish that was seen in the town centre.

The photo was met with utter dismay by fellow Marlovians, with one user saying: “Let’s hope they slipped up and left something in there with a name and address.

Please, please, when paying for any rubbish removal make sure the company/person is licensed as if anything links back to you in dumped rubbish, you are prosecuted.”

Another online user said: “They should carry out very high penalties!

“Plus, communal cleaning work! Disgusting!”

One user then said: “A sad sickness in society.

“I have just returned from Pinkneys Green [June 18], having walked the dogs with an extra 17 bottles of beer and 15 cans of beer and cider, plus nitrous oxide canisters and balloons.”

Speaking to the Free Press just two days ago, leader of the town council Jocelyn Towns said: “We at the town council have been really concerned by the huge amounts of litter being left in and around the town during lockdown.

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“It seems that people enjoying takeaway food and drink or going out for picnics are not taking responsibility for their litter.

“We urge everyone to take their litter home with them and dispose of it there.

“Bins around town are filling up really quickly and some people are dumping household waste, which has exacerbated the situation.

“Our waste providers are out regularly trying to keep up, but the street bins are not for household waste.

“If you are generating more household waste than you can store safely please take it to your local recycling centres.”

If you see large amounts of litter in Marlow, contact Buckinghamshire Council.