Marlow Rugby Club has started a takeaway delivery service for those who live in the town and the surrounding areas.

The club announced the news via its website on Friday, June 19, with the new eatery starting on the weekend of Saturday, June 20, and Sunday, June 21.

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And following on from the initial success from the opening weekend, MRC confirmed that they will be continuing the takeaways for the foreseeable future.

The takeaways are available from 10am to 8pm and they may be open from Wednesday this week from noon - 8pm.

The sign promoting the club's takeaway service 

Bucks Free Press:

Bucks Free Press:

Many  people attended the club's latest initiative  

A spokesperson from the rugby club said: “The takeaway is aimed at passing community traffic, walking along the river or along the public path next to the train tracks through the rugby club.

“The initial offering will be simple: hot drinks, pastries, and treats, soft drinks, sausage rolls.

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“From noon, alcohol will be served (cider, wine, beer).

“We do not have ice creams yet but we are working on that!

“Dogs are welcome on the public land, but as always must be kept off of the rugby club grounds, and we will have treats for them too.”

Following the inaugural weekend, many people took to Facebook to share their excitement and happiness of the rugby club’s latest initiative.

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Rebecca Ahmed said: “Sounds like a lovely idea!

“I wish you every success and I’m sure you will be great at doing your best to tidy any rubbish!

“And thank you for all your help with volunteering to deliver over 500 prescriptions to the local community during the lockdown!

“You’ve been ace and deserve to be supported!

Nicky Boutiqu added: “Just stopped by to pick up a burger and a sausage from the BBQ.

“Really good set up and food was very tasty.

“We will be back!”

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Paul Milham then said: “Cracking idea. I wish you every success with it.”

The club also addressed that they will help with the town’s ongoing litter issues.

MRC said separately: “The club understands the concern and will put out bins, have signs encouraging people to take litter home and do a sweep of the footpaths at end of the day (6pm).

“After a trial last weekend (June 13 and 14) no litter was found.)"

The club is also hoping to introduce ice cream to their takeaway service but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

They continued: “If you do pop down this weekend or in the next few days, we would also ask that:

• You respect social distancing at all times when queueing in particular

• You do not congregate around the service area or gather in groups

• Once you have been served, either continue your walk/cycle

• Move away from the service area and take the opportunity to explore most of the extensive grounds by the river

• Please use the bins around the takeaway area or take your litter home with you

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