Adams Park vaccine centre is running "like clockwork”, a volunteer who has been helping residents receive their vaccination has said.

People were worried about there being no bus route to Adams Park but the Wye Valley volunteers have been offering their services to take patients that have no means of transport to the ground.

The stadium announced that was it was going to be used as a vaccine centre last week and after a successful run so far, some surgeries are now waiting for more vaccines to be delivered.

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It has been suggested that it takes 25 minutes from when patients arrive at Adams Park to them leaving having been vaccinated.

And volunteers believe the operation ran as smoothly as possible.

Volunteer David Whittaker said: “The whole process could not have been better and it worked like a dream.

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“It ran like clockwork.

“The system from our organisation, surgery and Adams Park was absolutely fantastic.

“It could not be faulted in any way and it surpassed anything we could have thought.

“We were told they could get each patient in and out in 25 minutes at the centre and it took just less than that.

“I took a 92-Year-old lady from Wooburn Green last week and from taking her from her front door to Adams Park and back to her house it took fractionally an hour.

“The fact you have to get there, get the vaccine and get back home, it was frankly brilliant.”