A mother and a daughter were left “shaking with fear" after a firework was launched at their car whilst they were driving along Flackwell Heath's village parade.

Justyna Orzol-Furmankiewicz was picking her 19-year-old daughter up from work at Costa Coffee on Halloween when a group of teenagers set off fireworks in their direction.

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She recalled how “scary” it was as the firework went off underneath her car and how grateful she was that her daughter was inside the car as if it was “thrown a couple of seconds earlier it would have hit her”.

Justyna said: “There was a group of teenagers on the opposite side of the road and when my daughter got inside the car we heard a really loud noise.

“A firework exploded underneath my car, there was lots of light, noise and smoke. Me and my daughter were so scared because we thought we hit a car from the other side.

“The noise was so scary, there was so much light. There were three girls about 14 to 15 years old on the other side of the rod and they started laughing and ran off.

“I rolled down my window and said ‘What are you doing? Do you think it’s funny?’ I was so angry.

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“My daughter was shaking, she was so scared as it exploded on her side. I was shaking and my daughter was shaking, both of our legs were shaking so much.

“We just came home and couldn’t believe what happened because it was a really scary situation.”

Police have begun to review body-worn videos from the night after around "70 to 80 teenagers" congregated at the parade of shops in Flackwell Heath with fireworks being fired at multiple vehicles.

Officers seized a number of fireworks as well as issued two drugs warnings, completed a number of stop and searches, and seized a scooter. 

An eyewitness told the Bucks Free Press that "loads of eggs" were taken by police who were "guarding" the village's Sainsbury's Local.

There have also been reports of fireworks being let off into streets in High Wycombe as well as inside a block of flats in the town centre.

In Aylesbury, an 18-year-old boy has suffered second-degree after a firework was launched at him through a car window.