The wait is finally over at an Amersham attraction after three sows welcomed a bumper crop of adorable piglets. 

Mums Peanut, Tina and Mia have given birth to 25 piglets at Kew Little Pigs in Amersham, after staff ran an online competition to guess the names of the little ones. 

But the happy story has not been without drama, and it was almost curtains for tiny Dave, who was almost squished following a rather heavy cuddle from his mother Peanut. 

Thankfully caring experts at the popular farm park spotted Dave in time and saved his bacon, and he has since made a full recovery. 

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It is completely natural for new mums to occasionally get a bit over cuddly with their offspring, and misjudge their weight so Kew Little Pigs staff are always looking out to ensure that no one gets too much of a squashing. 

Kew Little Pigs is an ethical breeder, and all of the piglets will eventually be adopted by loving families as pets. 

Bucks Free Press: Proud mama with her babes. Proud mama with her babes.

But in the meantime visitors to Kew Little Pigs can enjoy the cuteness during the Easter holidays. 

Olivia Mikhail, owner of Kew Little Pigs, said: "It is always wonderful when we welcome new piglet arrivals, and this brood have come right in time for the Easter holidays, so more visitors will be able to share in our excitement. 

"Dave is doing just fine now, enjoying life at Kew Little Pigs with his brothers and sisters, and looking forward to a bright future as somebody's beloved pet." 

The past two years have been busy as ever for the pig heaven.

Percy the piglet was born in October 2021 as a bit of a surprise for the staff, after the mother Daisy was impregnated by the resident boar, Blanket, who jumped over a fence to mate with the pig.

Sneaky Blanket was described as ‘promiscuous’ by staff at Kew Little Pigs.

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Little Percy was given a famous name, after the much-loved M&S treat Percy Pig sweet.

Ms Mikhail said: “In the past, we have had a Wilbur like Charlotte's Web, and of course Blanket, so we aren't strangers to giving our piglets names which reference popular culture as a bit of a giggle.

"But we think it suits him, he is happy and funny just like the real Percy pig!"

The full-grown size of miniature pigs can vary from around 30kg to up to 90kg, and they can be trained to use litter boxes to relieve themselves.

Kew Little Pigs is currently offering an Easter holiday family ticket deal, which is four tickets to the attraction for £100. 

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