A road closure that caused heavy traffic near High Wycombe has now been reopened.

Hammersley Lane, which can take motorists through Penn and Loudwater into the biggest town in South Buckinghamshire, was shut in the middle of November due to gas repairs.

The road initially became unavailable to use for commuters on November 15, and the closure is expected to last until November 21.

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However, repairs were quicker than expected and the road was reopened by November 19.

Prior to this, huge delays were seen in the neighbouring villages near Wycombe, with heavy traffic being spotted on Rayners Avenue and Robinson Road.

One driver, who was frequently stuck in the delays, told the Free Press of their ‘frustration’ after they were diverted onto Cock Lane – a single-track road.

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They said: “Why on earth would you divert traffic onto a single-track lane when their cars will come in the opposite direction?

“The delays it caused were terrible and I saw many people turning around to try and find another way to get where they need to go.

“It was ridiculous so dangerous.”