Two teenagers who were being antisocial in Marlow have been ‘severely reprimanded’ by their parents after a photo of them apparently acting inappropriately went viral.

The two boys were seen in the children’s play area in Higginson Park on May 23 ‘shouting abuse and spitting’ whilst others enjoyed the open space.

A member of the public took a photo of the teenagers and posted it in the Facebook group Marlow Life, where some members recognised the duo before contacting their mothers.

One of the group’s admins said: “Further to a post made last night (May 23) regarding two teenage boys allegedly behaving in a less than acceptable manner in the Higginson Park playground, the boys have been identified by another member and their parents [have been] made aware of the situation.

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“Given the pandemic and the risks to health and day to day life we all face at present, it was decided that although not our normal mode of practise to publish photos, we would do so in this instance due to the nature of the complaint and the risks to others because of the boys actions.

“And having since spoken with one mother by message she has confirmed that both boys have been severely reprimanded, and the matter fully dealt with from their point of view.

“As a result, we have removed the original post.

“Thank you to the majority of members who agreed with the decision, understood why it was made and vocally supported us.

“For the very, very, small minority who disagreed (single figure); we stand by our decision to make the image public as the risks are too great for incidents of this nature to go unnoted.”

It is not the first time since lockdown began that some teenagers have allegedly caused trouble in the town.

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At the end of April, we reported that the owner of Marlow’s environmentally-friendly shop Seed1 was ‘sad’ after a bunting she had put up had been ripped down.

The bunting was displayed to spread some joy across the town following the start of lockdown, but after it had been ripped down twice, she admitted that she ‘wasn’t sure to put it up again in case it gets broken.’

She then added: “I don’t like to blame teenagers for misbehaving as all too often, they get the blame for things they haven’t done and there are lots of lovely teenage kids in Marlow.

“I am lucky to know some of them and they are incredibly insightful and caring and passionate.”

Some teenagers were also seen running on rooftops of several buildings along the town’s High Street at the start of the year.