A road in Flackwell Heath has been covered in mud as building work spills out from Babs Park.

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Local residents have been left furious as the mud on Blind Lane has made the road dangerous to drive on.

Large rocks and flint are also on the road as drivers are worried this could do damage to their cars.

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One Facebook user said: “My son got a puncture from a flint which was amongst all the mud”

Another said: “Be careful in Blind Lane if you’re a cyclist or motorbike.

“Mud and gravel everywhere in both directions from Babs Park.”

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Someone else said: “I'll avoid that for a while then.

“That's just asking for a stone to be flicked up and chip a windscreen!”

A different person said: “It’s absolutely awful, a total mess.

“They should clear up after themselves, the road all down and up Blind Lane is a total mess.”