A local wildlife group has slammed the plans to build a state-of-the-art film studio next to the A404 as new draft drawings are released.

Founder and CEO of the Marlow Studio Project, Robert Laycock, describes the site as a "former gravel quarry that has is used as landfill".

However, Wild Marlow says the project would have a "disastrous impact" on wildlife "destroying 90 acres of currently wildlife-rich greenbelt land."

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The Marlow Studio Project has just finished its third stage of engagement events which showcased draft designs and gave an opportunity for the local community to speak to the team behind the plans.

Natasha Somers of Wild Marlow said: "Undisturbed land offers crucial havens for wildlife in our ever-urbanising landscapes.

"It provides vital habitats for many protected and priority species, including badgers, bats, owls, skylarks, kestrels, stag beetles and wild orchids.

"The land would be decimated by this development and the impact on wildlife would be disastrous.”

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Martin Robinson of Wild Marlow added: “This land supports many protected and notable species already fragmented by busy roads, and links important wildlife corridors in the area.

"It’s a designated country park, providing green spaces, an extensive network of popular footpaths, clean air and a space for exercise and enjoyment of nature.

“It seems to us that the government-required steps to protect wildlife have been ignored in the current plans.

"All developments must show a net gain in biodiversity – a requirement in both national and local planning policy."

The proposed studio project has said they will be submitting an Environmental Assessment and confirm they plan to deliver a net gain in biodiversity.

Robert Laycock said: “The proposed studio will transform this neglected land into new major centre for filmmaking in the UK whilst creating 5,000 jobs, contributing £350 million to the economy annually and delivering a net-gain in biodiversity.

"Our stage three public exhibition run Marlow and Little Marlow this week, and we have enjoyed engaging further with the local community, as we continue the very important listening phase of the project.

"As part of the planning application, we will be submitting an Environmental Assessment of the proposals.

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“We have a first-class British design team working with us, who are bringing a quality of vision and craftmanship to the project and I am hugely proud of the designs that are emerging, following our public engagement sessions.

“Our intention has always been to deliver a studio which brings opportunity to Buckinghamshire and hopefully the new exhibition will give people a sense of this.

"The county has a rich history of film making already and so delivering a world class hub for talented film makers to realise their ambitions, is our priority."